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Leave behind a positive footprint in Tanzania

We believe it's important to contribute to the community that we belong to and the country we explore with our guests. To this end, we work with a number of projects across Tanzania and aid them in a variety of ways, including funding them out of our own profits. All you need to do is book with Tanzania Adventure to help us support these fantastic projects.

Karibuni Children Centre in Karatu

Karibuni Children Centre in Karatu
This orphanage currently provides sheltered accommodation for 12 children aged four to nine years. It's the purpose of Karibuni e.V. to give the orphans an opportunity for a self-determined life by educating and promoting them individually. We bring groups and individuals here and for each visitor we pay a contribution.

Shanga Shangaa

Shanga Shangaa, meaning "Amazing Beads" in Swahili, is a small business employing 42 disabled, mute and deaf people based near Arusha in Tanzania. The company produces a range of beautiful necklaces made from beads and a selection of silk, kanga, chiffon and voile coloured fabrics. Tanzania Adventure supports this business by going there for tours and having coffee, lunch and buying gifts.

Mulala village

Mulala is a small village to which we bring visitors who are interested in local encounters. In the village there is a women’s group, centred around Mama Anna who produces dairy products, honey, coffee and much more. We buy food to be served in our own Mapito Tented Camp from Mulala village.

Mapito school

In the nearby village of Robanda, close to our own lodge Mapito Tented Camp, we support the village school in a wide variety of ways. Tanzania Adventure recently built a dispensary and we are currently building a new school building.

Doctors in the local hospital

We flew in doctors from the UK to stay in Mapito for free in, enabling them to work in the local hospital.

Usa River Rehabilitation and Training center

The centre's goal is to support people with disabilities by enabling them to live as independently as possible. They centre provides education to work as a carpenter, tailor, shoemaker and locksmith. The students' education lasts three years and after graduation the young crafts men and women receive work equipment so that they can establish their own small businesses. We bring guests here that want to get in touch with local communities, look behind the scenes and leave a foot print in Tanzania.

Nkuaranga coffee farmers

Coffe Farmer
Nkuaranga is a small village hosting small scale coffee farmers converting from conventional to organic coffee farming. We bring groups here and a share of the money goes into the community.

Maasai Schule in Arusha

The 4 primary schools supporting 3,093 young students is in need of a secondary school which we are currently building. This will give the community an upgraded school where quality education is provided.

Local village tours, TAWESO

Tanzania Wellness, TAWESO, is the name of a small local group close to Lake Manyara. They enthusiastically provide village and bike tours and we are happy to send our customers here to get energized. Visit their facebook page

Kizazi Kipya - Mahonda Music Club, Zanzibar

This amateur music group, with musicians from the village of Mahonda in the centre of Zanzibar, was founded to keep the traditional music Taarab and Kidumbak alive. It is hard to make a living from the music alone, so we support the musicians and the music school by arranging concerts, usually the group consists of 7-10 musicians, in the banana field. These concerts usually attract the whole village and the concert resembles more of a traditional village wedding than a concert.