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2015 Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence for Mapito Tented Camp

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We are very happy to announce that our partner Lodge, the Mapito Tented Camp, located at Ikoma, just beyond the actual boundaries of Serengeti, has won the 2015 Tripadvisor Certificate of...

Elephants now getting monitored in Ruaha

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In Ruaha National Park, 30 Elephants are now equipped with GPS and radio devices. Sponsored by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Global Environment Facility, this technology...

Mapito Tented Camp after the rains

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Have a look at the Serengeti plains around our Mapito Tented Camp after the rains. During the months of November and December, there is an unpredictable period of rain in Tanzania, dubbed the...

We proudly present our brand-new Website

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Which went online recently. Filled up with lots of updated information, new itineraries, clear and modern design, easy navigation and good usability our new website invites you to browse for...

Could synthetic 3d-printing solve the problem of poaching?

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The biotech firm ‚Pembient‘ has developed an artificial synthetic rhino horn that could serve the big demand in China and help reduce the problem of poaching. In Tanzania alone,...

Fantastic time of the year in the Serengeti

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Frank, the Manager of Mapito Tented Camp Serengeti reports from the wildlife surrounding him. With some lovely soaking rains over the Serengeti Plains, the main bulk of the Wildebeest Migration...

Unexpected movement of The Migration

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Frank is the Manager of Mapito Tented Camp and always in close contact with The Serengeti Migration and wildlife. He gives the lates news what is going on: The wild beest migration is...

A classic amazing safari in Tanzania – This is how it is

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Neil H, participant of ARCE Fieldtrip to Tanzania, OCT 2014 shares his experiences: My trip to Tanzania in early October was the holiday I’ve been dreaming about since I was a child. Just...

Pictures from a Serengeti traveller – this is how close you get to the wildlife

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This is to show you how close you get to the animals in the Serengeti and other National Parks. As animals are mused to cars they allow to come really, really close. It is in amazing experience...

Storms in the Serengeti

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Frank lives in the Serengeti, at Mapito Tented Camp. His daily life is about the rich Serengeti wildlife and I asked him to tell me what is going on for the moment. Here is what he writes:...

The Serengeti Migration is moving north

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Frank, our manager at Mapito Tented Camp, reports from the Serengeti and the Migration. „The last summer showers have fallen – the Serengeti received some heavy rain, and the mass of the...

Thirteen lions on the Mawe Mweupe pick-nick site

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Our guide Gerald came back from his latest safari in Serengeti. Read his story about how they had to sit in the car for breakfast since 13 lions were occupying the pick-nick place: “We woke up...